The Burj al Arab in Dubai

The Burj al Arab (Dubai, UAE)

Afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab is an impressively opulent experience. To even approach the “most luxurious hotel in the world,” you must convince a fleet of security guards that your reservation is real and then cross a moat. A MOAT. Upon stepping into the palatial lobby, you are greeted by a cascading waterfall complete with twinkling lights. You may find yourself distracted by the futuristic purple-lit balconies and huddled groups of stately millionaires with their elegantly clad entourages; try not to trip on the escalator as you stare. Sink into a red plush chair where you will lounge as course after course of pristinely attended food arrives at your table, served by the most charming waiters known to mankind. Don’t let the Louboutin-clad supermodels intimidate you – eat your scones because you are paying a great deal for them. Then quietly sit, listen to the live jazz, and enjoy the rest of your afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab, an experience that embodies the very exclusivity and affluence that is Dubai.

Afternoon tea at the Burj al Arab

MAKE A RESERVATION NOW! The Burj al Arab, PO Box 74147, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. +971.4.301.7600. Visit The Burj al Arab online.